What is Krav Maga?

The Most Effective Self-Defense Tactics in the

World Combined With Calorie-Crushing Workouts.

Krav Maga means "Contact Combat."

It was created in the 1940's to prepare the Israelis for war.  Today it is used by Police Officers, Special Forces, and other branches to ensure the best safety in the field.  

Why Krav Maga is so Powerful?

Most martial arts force you to "re-train" your body to do things that don't feel natural.

Not Krav Maga.

The Israelis crafted it to work WITH your body's natural instincts - not against them.

That means it's FAST to learn, and EASY to use when you need it most.

You'll discover:

Incredible hand to hand combat techniques

How to stay safe & escape if you're ever attacked

How to defend yourself & the ones you love from an armed attacker

What to do against opponents much larger than you in size

How to turn your environment into a weapon to use against an attacker

How to identify and escape danger BEFORE it happens

How to stay safe & live a peaceful life

Castle Rock Martial Arts is the premier Krav Maga Training Academy in the Denver Area! Real Self Defense. Life saving skills adapted quickly.   Try a Week FREE to see what Krav Maga is like. Ages 13 and Above.

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